Plugged in …. but not Turned on

Most mornings I have the same routine….
The alarm goes off and my dogs know that I should get my tail out of bed because they are ready to go out and that the alarm means that is exactly what is supposed to be happening!
I shut the alarm off…. crawl out of bed…. switch on the Kureig as I head to the front door to let out some very excited dogs.
The Bathroom of course is my next stop and then I usually check email, business page and Facebook while I wait for the dogs to come back in.

After my shower I have a few minutes to read my Bible, or a few pages from a book, while having my cup of coffee before starting in on the hair and makeup routine.

This morning,  I had finished drying my hair and gotten my face on when I reached for my straight iron which is the last thing on my morning routine before jewelry and walking out the door.  I expected it to be hot and ready to go since I had plugged it in right after I unplugged my hair dryer… but… it was as cold as it was when I got it out of the drawer!

Although I had it plugged in…. I had forgotten that this straight iron has to be turned on with the switch each time.  I kinda rolled my eyes at myself as I said… It works better if you turn it on dingy!

I then thought about the fact that just because we are plugged in to …..
A Job
A Project
A Church
A Diet
A System….

That alone doesn’t give us instant or guaranteed success.   The power source is  available to plug into, which is the first step….. a very important step….. But…. if you refuse or forget to turn on the switch, and accept that flow of power…. insight….knowledge…. strength…wisdom…into your life… will do you absolutely no good and leave you cold….powerless… and in the dark.    We can SAY we are “plugged” into the “System”…we can look at the source and blame it for our lack of power…..but in order to get the results we desire…. we need not only to be plugged IN ….we need to be …..

Turned ON!


Lying Clouds

As I broke down some cardboard boxes to take out to the recycle bin a few minutes ago, I glanced out the window to see what the weather was doing to determine whether or not I would be taking them out now…… or later.   I really do not mind taking them out in the summer,  because it actually gives me a chance to warm up from the frost bite I tell myself I am getting from the air conditioning.    If it is raining…. however….I will stack them up and wait till a more pleasant time to take my little stroll to the corner of the building!

Today …. I noticed … the sun was shining bright …. however….there were clouds looming above.  These clouds… although I have no official name for those clouds…. reminded me of snow clouds.   Now … that is not a good thing for me!  It is only a few days into Fall and I am in no way wishing for winter like conditions so it definitely isn’t wishful thinking on my part….quite the opposite!

My immediate thought was that the wind that had been blowing hard must have blown in a cold front… and it must be really cold out there now.
So….I braced myself to get a slap in the face of cold air when I opened the door …. but… I was very pleasantly surprised with a nice, warm breeze instead!

Isn’t it funny what our eyes and minds tell us?    Sometimes very accurate….. and sometimes…. Not!
We sometimes base our opinions and decisions on what we have seen, heard and done in the past…. Those experiences have a spot in our minds that are brought back to the forefront when we try to analyze certain things.

When I saw the clouds… a sudden memory came back to me from a time I saw the way the sky looked right before a snow… maybe from a few years ago… or even when I was a child.
Until I actually stepped outside to see for myself….I might have been able to convince myself that it was super cold out and start watching for those falling flakes.

Many areas in our lives can be a victim of false assumptions as well.   We can look into a mirror and have instant thoughts of what we experienced a few years ago or maybe even as far back as a child.   The words of people who said hurtful things to us that have haunted the back of our minds will pop out when trying …. or not trying…. to analyze what we are looking at in the mirror.
Those words of …. You will always be___________  You’ll never____________  No one will ever __________________

We really can not do anything at first about those thoughts that cross our mind… they just come….
When they do come….. we can prove them wrong by opening that door and sticking our head out to test the temperature…..
and you know what you will find 99 out of 100 times?

It is a Lie…. a deception….
To keep you stuck inside…. and not getting to enjoy those things that are waiting for you on the other side of the door!

So…. take a look at that mirror…. what do you see….?
Now….. open the door….push past it….

I see…. those lying clouds …….. rolling away !!!!


8 O’Clock and Dark!

Coming home from Church last night I noticed that it was 8 o’clock and DARK!

How did that happen…. ?
Wasn’t it just last week that it didn’t start getting dark until 9?  I love that time of year!   I love Daylight Savings time!    When I get off of work it feels like I still have some “day” left in my day!     I have always said I would have made a good chicken….. up with the sun… and ready to roost when it gets dark….. which makes a long night in the winter time when it starts to get dark before I even walk out of the door from work!

Even though 8 o’clock is still earlier in the night for the sun to set…. according to my standards……I know that as fast as that just kinda snuck up on me…. it wont be long now, and especially after the time is changed again,  until it will be dark when I leave work and I will have to drive home in a “roosting” mindset!   Needless to say… after fixing super… not much else gets done at my house until morning!

I used to kinda watch,on a weather app on my computer, the time of day the sun set… and the sun rose….
From the longest day of the year (first day of Summer) to the shortest day of the year (first day of Winter)  it seemed as though the daylight hours only decreased a minute or so on each end of the day … day at a time…
Then…. on the shortest day of the year it would start going the other way…. increasing sunlight hours minute by minute…. day by day!

Such a small amount of time increase when you look at it…. but those 1-2 minutes on each end of the day…. after time… shows up!
So gradual ….. that we don’t see it happening…. until… one day… our senses are alerted and ….Surprise…..!

I thought how my scale seems to do the same thing!
I get on it one day and find that ….oh no….I have gained a pound… and I think … Ok… well that’s not toooo bad.   What is one pound anyway?
I am sure it was just that extra glass or two of water I drank…. nothing permanent…. and after all…. even it is permanent … it is only 1 pound!

If I shrug it off as a small thing long enough… eventually….and seemingly over night… I will notice all too soon that OMGosh!!!!   …… Didn’t these pants fit me perfectly just yesterday?!?
How did they get so tight in a week?   Not possible!

One pound…. one day… is not a lot and not noticeable….BUT…. one pound daily or even weekly….over a period of time will show up when we don’t expect it!

Whether you are on Maintenance …..or still on the program….
You may think that an extra cheat snuck in here or there is not a big deal…
It is ONLY ONE little cheat…what is it going to hurt?


Such a small amount of  increase when you look at it…. but those 1-2 pounds at the end of the day…. after time… shows up!
So gradual ….. that we don’t see it happening…. until… one day…..Surprise…..!

I Dont Like To Be Uncomfortable!

A few weeks ago I FINALLY decided that after hoping….babying…… and praying… over my furnace….and….my air conditioner…..year after year….. I just needed to break down and buy a new one before the winter and run the risk of it dying on me in the middle of the coldest day or week of the year… which…. no doubt would be a holiday ….OR…. snowed in so no one could get to me!   The Units I have now are…. well… lets just say I imagine if they were in pristine condition….. I could probably make a lot of money off them at an antique show!   Yep… It is time!


Now…. who do I call?I have gotten burned in the past by a heating and air business who drove 40 miles, round trip, to come fix my Air Conditioner a few years back…. and what do you know… they didn’t have the part and would have to order it…. but would be able to come back over the next day…
Another 40 miles and I now have cool air once again!   They will send me the bill!
A week later…. broke….so…. I call again….
40 Mile round trip…. ahhhh…. it is this piece on the mother board that …….well… no…. we don’t have this piece either…. but… we can order it and it will be in …. the next day!
40 Mile round trip.. and yes… fixed!….. They will send me the bill!
but…. He accidentally broke something but will be in town tomorrow for the Fall Festival and will just put it on for me this time… no charge…
Another week goes by…. and …. oh yea…. another call…. another 40 mile round trip …. another part to order… another 40 mile trip to fix it….. They will send me the bill!

While I was in town I just thought I would swing in and pay for my bill…. when they looked me up…. I thought I was going to fall through the floor!   $700.00!!!
For What?   Each part was only “a few dollars” !
I was then informed that EACH time they pulled out of THEIR drive…. the mileage count was added to my bill…..EVEN when they had to come back because of no parts….. and ….EVEN when I witnessed the truck pull out of my drive and went directly across the street to my neighbor’s house…. they didn’t answer me when I asked if we both got charged for that trip ;~)

Needless to say…. I was a little gun-shy on looking for someone to replace both units….then… I remembered this man who was an independent contractor and also the Dad of a teacher at our school… so… I tracked his number down through her and placed the call.
I left a voice mail and told him my situation…. and everything was working at this time… .so as long as he got it in before the cold weather hit…. I was in no hurry!


Last week…. after several “fall like” days…. Indian summer like weather returned with a furry… and… you guessed it… the fan in my unit just …..died!!!
…..AND …. it was a HOLIDAY!

Although I am not a huge fan of the air conditioner because I usually freeze in most places that run theirs….( I usually have mine set on at 80) …. When the temperature reaches 100 outside and the humidity is about as high…. yes… even I get uncomfortable…!   My seventeen year old son was …… miserable…… and even my chihuahua’s were not wanting to play … choosing instead to lay around and looking up at me like I was supposed to fix this for them!

Finally made it through the holiday and on the way to work I dialed the phone number half expecting to get a message machine …..and praying that I wouldn’t… when Mr Steve answered the phone…. in person!!!

After telling him my sob story… he told me that he would try to get over to my house to see if he could get it temporarily fixed until he could install my new units…. which …. HE DID!!!!
My son texted me when he got home and told me the house felt AMAZING!!!!  A good nights sleep was expected tonight for both of us!

Being uncomfortable is something “us Humans” do not like to be!   Yes sirree Bob…. we are very spoiled.  We have tasted the good side and we ….. like it!
Take it away…. and we get very unhappy….grumpy…. moody…!
Some of our days on IP are very uncomfortable.

Whether it is because our stomachs are rebelling by shouting out loud for all to hear….. I … AM….. HUNGRY!!!!
Or our mind, that is relentlessly, reminding us of how good that Blizzard of the month would be….that we don’t really have to suffer like this…… if only we would just give into the temptation and trash this whole diet thing!   This is America, after all….the home of the Brave….Land of the FREE…. our forefathers suffered so we don’t have too!
Why should we ….. voluntarily …. go through something that makes us so uncomfortable?

Think about your ……WHY?
Each is different.   Each of us has our own reasons.  Our own story.  Our own level of tolerance… some uncomfortable days that some of us may have to really push through.

I made it through those few days of discomfort from the lack of Air Conditioning…… Coming out on the other side of that… I am much more appreciative for not only cooler sleeping conditions… but also for the man who made the trip to fix it for me …. the fact that I am still alive and it didn’t really kill me to sweat a bit …. and maybe, I might have even got some toxins out of my system.   A new since of pride maybe?   One that says…. I did it!!!

Being uncomfortable… is not what we like… but… for a while… we Humans….

We Can Do it!!!


A New Season on its Way

I am just wondering …..What happened to Summer???

Even though it was hot for the majority  of it…. and people were ready to see it over… I am still wondering…. What happened to Summer?
I know it is still officially Summer for a few more weeks… but realistically… when the Lamar Fair is over….School has started …. and the Jerry Lewis Telethon on Labor Day Weekend are all 3 over….Summer…. is OFFICIALLY over in my books….

Now…. there are a few things that are good about this next season coming up that even this Winter hater actually enjoys.
The cool of the air in the early morning, as well as the evening, is a refreshing change after all of the severely high temperatures we have had this summer.
The leaves…. when we have a pretty fall… are gorgeous with the vibrant oranges and reds draped on the trees.
The crunch of the leaves under your feet when you walk across the yard.
Even though School activities are speeding up, it somehow feels as though things in general are slowing down.
The sweat pants and hoodie weekend wardrobe.
…….and the Scheduled times of knowing exactly between the hours of 8AM to 3PM,  where my kiddo is.

Summer for some, has no structure…. kids come and go here and there kinda like the changing winds.  Its Summer…. that is what happens… If you are a Teacher or work in the School System then your time is usually apt to change at any given moment.   That is a good thing…. and… that could be a bad thing…..

Good thing… you are allowed to experience many different opportunity’s you would not be afforded the luxury of doing so,  if you had to report to a 9-5 job, with out rearranging work schedules and coinciding time off with the Boss and other employee’s.  You, for the most part, can drop and run……and if you have kids…. it may be a LOT of running!!!

Bad thing…..Things are so unorganized that even the simplest things do not seem to get done.   The Sun is shining so late in the day that by the time we get in the house and shut things down for the night it is really time to just go to bed.
…….and our healthy eating habits are shot to pieces because we seem to either eat on the run grabbing the easiest and fastest thing from the fast food drive through or we are bombarded with all of the wonderful seasonal foods of the Summer at get together after get together.

This weekend will, for the most part, be the last big wing ding of the Summer, the last visit to the lake, the last big outdoor get together….the kiss Summer goodbye fun fest.

Hopefully,  this weekend will be, for most of us who have been struggling with our diets to stay on track and still be able to fit in with the summer crowd,  the beginning….of a new start.
A refreshing look at things under the newly turned leaf of attitudes and slower times.   A time to reorganize and reschedule …
A time to look back and say…. wasn’t that a great Summer!!!  Full of fun times with Friends and Family!!!

NOW…. on to the next Season …. Season of Fall…. Season of new and different schedules… experiences….and ……hope.

You made it …. I made it….We made it….!
Take a deep breath now …..  get out that planner…. Get out your Phase One Sheet……and lets buckle down and get serious….. because…..







Meet You at The Stop Light

I guess you could say that I have a bit of a lead foot.   I have been told in the past that I learned my driving “skills” from my Mom.    I don’t remember her really driving fast….. maybe that is why I don’t really see “me” driving fast.   My youngest son, though, has called me on it lately.   Now that he is 17 and an expert in the driving field….. he informs me that I HAD to have been speeding since we both pulled into the driveway at the same time and he left….. several…. minutes before me.    I think there is something wrong with his speedometer.!!!

Also…..I think that I just like to be able to see far ahead when I am driving….. I don’t like to follow someone because it impairs my visual driving experience.  So the obvious solution is to pass someone and get in front of them so I can see better.    Of course…. if I pass someone…. I am going have to speed up enough to get far enough in front of them so as to not impair their vision of the scenery in front of them by looking at only my tail lights.   Really…. I am thinking about all participants on the road you see.

I am not really ever running late either…. I sometimes think I am…. but usually get there in plenty of time.   My Dad would say ….like the Army……Hurry and wait….I just seemed to always be in a hurry to “get there” even if there is no time restraints.   Even when I am just making my Wal-Mart run…. I find my self in a hurry for some reason.   It’s not like I am going to get there a few minutes late to find that they are all out of toilet paper…..or that someone had just minutes before me picked up the last bag of dog food from the shelves.   That would be a pretty safe bet that I would be able to get all my needs met whether I got there now… or 10 minutes later.

But…. here I go…I head out of my little town and I notice a black Jeep in front of me on the highway…… I pass, said Jeep because…. well… it’s in my way!    As I drive along I get lost in the drive and in my music while singing at the top of my lungs and playing the steering wheel like a drum.  It really is a shame no one can really hear how good I can sing ….when I am by myself.  ;~) !
So, now, I pull up to the first stop light as it turns red,  just outside of the City Limits of my destination.   As I sit…. waiting on that light to turn green… I notice…. a black Jeep pull up right behind me.   Hmmmmm, that’s funny…..Didn’t I pass that Jeep 5-10 miles or so back?
As the light turns green, I speed off only to find that I have to stop a few miles up the road again for another red light…. and next to me pulls up…. YES….. that same black Jeep!
For the next several miles…. no matter how fast I go… zig zagging through the traffic…. we seem to always end up sitting at the same place at the same time.   So…. why am I in such a big hurry to get to where I am going, when it looks as though it doesn’t matter if I run in high gear, raising my blood pressure up a few points…. or….. like the little black Jeep…. proceeding in a relaxed state of mind and cruise effortlessly through the traffic…..we seem to end up in the same place at pretty much the same time, waiting, on a light to turn green anyway?!?!?!

Your weight loss goal is the same way!   You may know someone who is on the plan and it looks…. as though they are getting there so much faster than you are.   They lost 5 pounds this week and you only lost 2.   Instead of stressing over that fact,  you need to just keep striving towards your destination.   Turn up the radio …. roll down the windows and enjoy the fresh air then… look to your right….. hmmmmmmm, who is that?   Yep….there they are!   That same person who just seems to keep passing you on the highway….. and now….you are actually at the same place at the same time they were…. !

Their destination may be farther down the road from you….. or…. it may be just a short jaunt through town…. but…. as you both travel that same road toward your destinations…..Remember… will ALWAYS end up at the same place at the same time if you continue … just…… keep……. driving!

It’s Your Goal……. Your DESTINATION!!!

The weather outside is cooling off….. what a great time to go for a relaxing drive!

10%—-20%—–50%——-100% Chance of……….


During some seasons in Missouri we can listen to the weather forecast and see our chances for rain are only a mere 10% chance.  We make outdoor plans because 10%, we all know, is hardly any chance at all……..except in Missouri!    Now ….. for the next 3 hours we sit under a shelter waiting for that 10% chance of rain to stop!

Other times of the year, mainly July and August,  we can receive a prediction of 90% chance of rain and are lucky to get 90 drops out of it.   Since the weather is so hot and dry for not only us “Town” folk….. but, especially the farmers and their crops….. it truly is a disappointment when the outcome does not meet the prediction.    This year, we all seem to be watching the forecast pretty faithfully……. hoping…… to see those little thunder bolt or rain cloud icons, somewhere, in the 5 day outlook.   We hold on to that little 10% number as our hope grows, but most days it seems like they have just put the 10% on the screen to keep us from getting extremely discouraged.  We can really do nothing to increase that chance or to pull the moisture out of clouds that loom over head…. taunting us…. with false hope.  So…. we just settle with what we get and try to be happy about it.

We have been told that what amount of effort we put into something is usually in direct correlation of what we will get out of it.
If we do only enough to get by…. say putting in 10% of our effort into a project…… or 20% into shooting accurate free throws during Basketball practice …. more than likely we will only get 10% of the quality of work we wanted…… 20% of the results of shots being made during an actual game.
If we put in 50%….. a 50% result…..etc.

So….does 100% effort mean that we will get perfect results?
Well…. since perfect is not easily attained…. no matter how much effort you apply…. how many free throw shots you shoot…  more than likely you wont hit 100% …..100% of the time.    Circumstances have to be factored in.   Other People ….. Things…. Life….. can all have an effect on your percentage ratio.  Even if it was all up to us…. we…. as humans… can only do so much and will fall short of the 100% mark more often than not.

Does that mean I should not even shoot for the 100%?
Of Course not!
What If giving 100% meant that I may only get 100%,  90% of the time?    Then it would be fair to say that only giving 10%,  may mean that I actually could only be getting 10% , 9% …or less…. of the time.   It would make more sense to me…… and I would feel a lot better about myself….. to go ahead and give the 100%…. if at all possible…..wouldn’t you agree?

Your progress on the Ideal Protein program works with the same concept.
If you follow the protocol only 10% of the way….. eating more of what is not on the list than what is on the list… are going to get _______ ?
If you just do the protocol at a ratio of  50-50 … eating half the day good and half the day the way you want… you are only going to get _______?
But….. If you buckle down… and follow the protocol 100% …… you are going to get the results that are so close to perfect you can taste it!!!!

But…. you say… I DID follow the Protocol 100% this week  and I still only lost 2 pounds!!!
For us women…. 3 pounds a week is average…. so… that is ….just under…. the “perfect” outcome of the week!    (Not sure if you could say it was 90% with that low of numbers but…. pretty close!!!!)   The next week…. doing it 100%….. you may even come in and have a 6-7 pound loss, so that, would put you above the average and still give you over the 100% perfect outcome.

What if you would have followed the protocol only 10%….. 20%……50% of the way?     Your results would have been much less….maybe…. even a gain instead of a loss.  If you were to continue doing it that way…. your overall outcome would be far below yours…. and our…..expectations of the plan.   You would assume that the plan was full of false hope….that it works for everyone else…. but not for you.   So you settle with what you did get and try to be happy about it.

Even though our goal is to give 100% effort to the plan… other things factor into our days and our weeks…. things beyond our control.   But as long as we are striving to hit, every week,  with a 100% effort…. keep at it…… don’t give up….. we will find, that at the end of our journey…. each and everyone of us will meet our goal……


The Crossover

A few months ago I started to toy with the idea of trading in my Jeep.   I loved my Jeep and it really had not given me any problems but it was starting to do a few funky things that the two different Garages I took it to said they couldn’t find anything wrong with it…. even when they hooked it up to that fancy little diagnostic machine thing they had… it said there wasn’t anything wrong with it…..!    Now I know I have been accused of being a blonde before, but I know what I saw and felt!!

Anyway…. besides that….. it was almost to the 100,000 mile marker…….gas prices were going up and predicted to continue to do so……and I was really needing to buy 4 new tires…. so of course…. it just seemed more feasible to trade the critter off and all of the above would be taken care of in one swift move of a pen.

Now…. what kind of vehicle do I want to get????
Purple…..!!!    But since not many types, if any, have a line of Purple cars…… I had to switch my line of thinking to a different more practical and grown up set of standards.
1.   Decent Gas mileage since I travel to and from work at least 35 miles one way… go to church 20 miles away…. and have to make FREQUENT Granddaughter runs that are 25 miles away!
2.  Since I am on the road so much….I loved the way I felt secure with my Jeep in the winter.  I didn’t worry about getting stuck!    All wheel drive…. a must!
3.  I want it to ride smooth like a car…..Not rough like a truck.
4.  Since I am a woman…. and single… a new car with a great warranty would be nice so I might not have to bother people with the stranded damsel in distress syndrome!
5.  Heated car seats!!!  Yep… that would be fantastic because everyone who knows me knows I am a freeze baby!!!!
6.  The rest would be fluffy extras…. if possible… car seat to be able to raise…. sun roof to see more of the sun….!

I start looking at cars I meet on the road… Body styles …. when I saw something that caught my eye, I would jot it down and when I had a chance would look it up on the internet.
After batting around several brands of vehicles….marking off one by one because of the lack of my basic “wants” , list price or availability….I decided that I was just going to have to bite the bullet and “go” look.

I truly hated the idea of even stepping foot onto a car lot by myself…. a single woman…. who knows knell about car shopping, and I am sure, no matter how much time I spent scrubbing my forehead,  the word SUCKER was indelibly stained across it!  But….after several days of prayer…..I convinced my 17-year-old son to go with me and out the door we went.

I had decided that the first, and hopefully the last, place to start was Kia.  I had looked at the Sportage Crossover and it seemed to fit into the guidelines of what I was looking for but I needed to at least drive one to see if it drove like a car… or a truck… and if it felt like …..Me!

God answered my first prayer when I was met in the lot by a young,  newly hired….not pushy salesman!  I felt instantly relaxed with him because I could relate to him since he was about the same age as my oldest son.  We took the demo car out on a drive and ……it……felt……GOOD!

Not only did I end up with all of my 6 “wanna haves”… I got some extra bonus ” didn’t need to haves”!!!

The Crossovers that you now see all up and down the streets and in the parking lots are what I call ……”the best of both worlds”!
The Features of an all wheel drive SUV and the comfort of a car.  That is exactly what I was wanting!     I didn’t have to sacrifice comfort for performance or visa-verse.     After several years of development… the Crossover was invented just in time for my need!

Well …. not just My need…..but I am very grateful for the timing of the two coming together when they did.

The Best of Both Worlds!

Weight loss….!
For several months…..I Knew that I needed and or wanted to lose weight.   I wasn’t happy with how my clothes were fitting or the reflection I saw in the mirror.  I also knew my knees were beginning to hurt when I went down stairs and that was more than likely from the 30 pounds that had crept up on me.
Now… what do I do?
I began to look into all of the many different kinds of diet plans that were on TV…Radio…. and the internet.  What was I looking for?

1.   That it worked!    Many plans I had tried before promised big…. and delivered… next to nothing!
2.   Safe….I didn’t want something that actually worked but left me facing some kind of side effect that could alter my future.
3.   Easy!   Counting Calories…adding up Points…. too much thinking……!!!!  My internal calculator has never been very accurate and I knew it was not going to kick in now.
4.  Convenient.   I needed something that didn’t make it hard to live my day-to-day life as an alien from a different world, like eating pre-packaged astronaut type of food.
5.   It needed to taste good so I would not be tempted by food more pleasing to my palate.
6.   It needed to keep me from being hungry!!!

After Several trials and errors…..hundreds of dollars wasted….. thousands of tears…. and many Prayers…. Ideal Protein came into my life!
After listening to the Director in our initial Seminar Presentation …. I just KNEW this was THE ONE!

Now all I had to do was test drive it… so… I set up my appointment…. weighed and measured…. got my Quickstart bag….and with a renewed determination and excitement …. I began my journey to the new….old…. me!    The very first day after the program…. I lost 1/2 of a pound!!!   Not only that day …. but nearly every day there after!
10 weeks later… I could say that I not only got every one of my “wanna haves”… I got some extra bonus ” didn’t need to haves”!!!

I can honestly say that Ideal Protein made it possible for me to get the results I wanted without sacrificing taste and still led a lifestyle  in our fast paced  world that was more than doable!
Ideal Protein, truly,  gives us….



Is There a Bad Connection Here????

My oldest son called me last night….. no… not to check on me or just to say I love you but to invite me to a fund-raiser breakfast James was having for his football team in a few weeks….and… by the way… since you will be over here would you like to take Payton home with you for the weekend?

Of course he didn’t have to ask me twice !
I made sure there was nothing conflicting on “my busy schedule”….. and surprise surprise…..nothing!   So… in a little over a week I will be getting my Payton fix.

After we got through the details and the particulars, he asked Miss Payton if she wanted to talk to Grandma!  So passing the phone over to her we began our “conversation”.
at 2 1/2 she is very chatty but not being able to see her, it can be quite challenging on what she is saying sometimes…

I found my self just saying …. yes… or…. laughing…. or changing the subject several times after I had to say “what?” way too many times.  I could sense her frustration with her Grandma not being able to understand what she so clearly had been saying on her end of the phone!   Her little voice… now raised …says to me ….. I SAID…. (talking about the puppies name)…. HER NAME IS DIPSEY!!!!

GOT IT!!!!

That was clear as a bell….!

When it was time to say goodbye…. I asked her if she wanted to come to Grandmas house in a few days…..
Yes…. was her answer!   I heard and understood!  My heart smiled!
Then…. I told her…. I love you!
Her answer was…. I love you thiiiiiiissssssss much!
That too, was heard crystal clear!

Why could I understand some things more than others?

Was she more articulate on some words than others?
Was she more passionate about some subjects we were talking about?
Was I not in-tuned to her from a lack of connection between ears and eyes?
Or maybe I had heard her tell me hundreds of times I love you thiiiiiiiisssss much… that all she had to do was start the sentence and I KNEW what was coming?

I am sure it really was a combination of all of the above plus other factors that were not mentioned.

I got to thinking about that with our Program.   What are we in-tuned to?
When we go over the program with you and tell you things like ….”you can not have fruit”…do you do a double take and think … that can not be possibly right… what I have always been told is I am to have 5 servings a day…. I must be hearing things …. there has to be a bad connection.

Dairy?   Did she say no dairy?   No… can’t be… healthy bones and teeth come from dairy so there is no way I heard that right!
2 cups of Vegetables per meal….wow… 2 cups…. I don’t think anyone can force down that much broccoli or cauliflower in one setting…. now, if it was french fries…….!!!
Exercise 3-4 times a week….wait…. what?   DONT exercise??   There is definitely something wrong with  my hearing and this connection because everyone knows you can not lose wait without burning those extra calories through lots of sweat and pain!

Meat!    5-8 ounces of Meat!!!    Alright!   I can do that!   Steak?   I can have steak?   Hamburger too!!!!
A snack!!!!   Every day I get a snack!!!!
Seriously…..?  3-5 pounds of weight loss a WEEK!
I am losing how many inches!!!!

Even though the tone and the message were all related…. we can only really clearly hear and understand those things that we are familiar with.  Those things that are already a part of us.  Those things that are not familiar will fly over our heads in a fog…. like a bad connection… we only hear bits and pieces of it so it makes absolutely no sense to us at all!  We will nod our head or ….. laugh…. or change the subject just so we don’t have to continue to ask…… “what did you say”?

Hang in there though…..if you listen a little longer… those words will become crystal clear in your ears.
It won’t sound foreign.
……..and you wont even have to wait until they are all said before knowing exactly what is coming next!!!

Half Full……or…..Half Empty?

As I was driving to work today I was thanking God for the rain we were getting and the very next thought was… well did we really get enough to do any good???

I thought….. well…that is just pretty good that although the rain was a good thing…..  something that not only me but thousands of people have been praying for …. wishing for…. begging for….and I was at that moment driving in the middle of the blessing with my windshield wipers on… Thanking God for the very thing we all were wanting…..


The focus was changing from what I was Getting to what I was Missing!

We all have been given the glass that has water to the imaginary line in the middle of that glass and given the question……
Is this glass…. have full….or half empty?
Of course I would tend to tell you that I see the glass as half full because I know that if I tell you I see it as half empty … I will come across as being a pessimist…. and I sure don’t want anyone to think that of me.  I would much rather be an optimist because an optimist is so much better to be around than someone who is always seeing the bad side of everything!

Now, truthfully….. I am usually an optimist!  I always TRY to see the positive but those darn little negative thoughts have a way of sneaking in on me.   They always show up!

After I realized the negative thought about not getting enough rain to make a difference had worked its way into my positive one,  I had a choice to make.
I could say:  Yep…. that wasn’t enough to do anything.  The grass will still be brown…. the corn is already gone…. it’s only be steamy when the sun comes out now!

OR….. I could continue to thank God for the Rain we did get…… Say…. At least it has settled the dust for a while… cooled us off for a little while….wow that was refreshing….at least I wont have to water my Petunia today!

Those thoughts always come…. we just need to know what to do with them when they do…think on the positive!

Where are your thoughts?

When we begin the Ideal Protein Program we are usually pumped and ready to get started.   What ever our reason for doing the program we have usually seen great results on someone else and have high expectations that we are going to finally get this extra weight we have been carrying around off…. or off some medicines that we have been taking for years … or maybe prevent us from getting on some that our Doctor has said we will soon be on if we don’t do something soon!   So we begin and very soon in the program we see some fantastic results of our efforts…. those pounds are dropping in a consistent pace ….. the inches….seem to be just melting off….. the Blood Pressure medicines are being lowered…. as well as the medicine to control our Blood Sugars…. Energy levels are coming up and we notice we can do more ….for longer periods of time… without getting tired as easy or hurts in our joints…
Wow… all those things we have been praying for…. wishing for…. begging for are finally here!

……and then…..

The what I can’t haves…. can’t dos…..the I’ll nevers…. the I’m not losing fast enoughs….begin to creep across our minds… if we are not careful …. we will begin to focus on these negative factors instead of the very positive ones we were all ecstatic about just a few days or even just a few minutes ago.  Isn’t funny how easy that seems to come.

So stop right now….
Close your eyes and then think about that glass of water.
What do you see?

Half full?    or….. Half Empty!

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